Game Music Mix III - The Eternal Battle

Let me tell you about my epic struggle with "Game Music III"

To tell you the truth, Epic Music Mix XI was supposed to be Game Music III, but the first prototype of it became a huge disaster. I cancelled the whole project and started with Trailer Music III which turned out to be ways better.

The cooperation with Brickwall Audio made the decision for Epic Music Mix XII easy. Don't forget to check it out if you haven't heard the music of Brickwall Audio

Now I've been up for a rematch with Game Music III - this time with nearly complete other songs then before. Once again, I wasn't satisfied with the outcome of this project and the real "Epic Music Mix XIII - Game Music III" has never been released to the public. I also deleted it by now (simply hate to keep unfinished stuff around).
It's simply very easy to screw up with game music. First, all the soundtracks have a very own and different style to themselves, which makes them a lot more harder to mix then Trailer Music (which is all epic anyway).
But it's more to a Game Music Mix then that. It's crucial to understand the emotions and memories of the players bound to the songs of the soundtracks - that's the part where to fail the most. It's like an epic journey through the memories of long fought battles and survived adventures. And sadly but true, I can't play all these great games at all, so at most points, I have to trust my feeling for the right choice.

"Kingslayer" was the result after the heroic victory against Arthas The Lich King and the intro is the best part of it XD The story behind Glory is also huge... nothing for this blog-entry to tell. Just to let you know, the very first prototype of Epic Music Mix XIV had a length of 32 Minutes O.o (it's normal for my first prototypes to be a lot longer then the final product but this was madness)

By the way, I know a lot of people might hate me from this moment on BUT : I'm no follower of Nintendo, I've gone through Playstation 1-3 and don't think that the music of Super Mario is "epic" - like I said before, the emotional connection to me behind it is simply missing, since I never played the newer Mario Titles.

Back to the topic, this time the battle will be brought to it's end. Game Music III, my eternal enemy for 5 Mixes will be finally released and I'm quite satisfied with the outcome.
Last thing to screw up now : the intro XD

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  1. Might I suggest the music of the free MMO Vindictus to be put in to your Game Music Mix III? It has some excellent pieces that could be mixed together. The game itself is pretty epic as well. :P