How everything started - Part I

Why did I create the epic music mix at all? If you ever asked yourself this question - read on!

 It was near the end of 2008 and I was enjoying the soundtracks of Dungeon Siege, Final Fantasy X and Advent Rising for quite a while during that time. All of these soundtracks have one thing in common, they have great main themes, hidden inside very long tracks.

I was getting sick of always jumping to the main theme of a song.
(Best example Dungeon Siege - the song is around 3 minutes long with nothing awesome to hear besides the main theme with a length of 40 seconds...)
The idea was born : "hey I could just cut out all the climatic parts of all songs, line them up after another and listen to them without any interruption" - the first mix, containing music of game soundtracks only, was born. I called it "Game Music Mix" and was quite satisfied with it. A few days later the second mix was created, only using music of film-scores this time. (Movie soundtracks tend to have even longer tracks with great themes hidden within - it was obvious this mix had to be made)

Now I had a "Game Music Mix" and a "Soundtracks Mix" roaming around my PC... horrible naming - I added "Epic Music Mix" to both of them to have them grouped in a way.

(original) Epic Music Mix I - Game Music
The actual movies I uploaded where created much later. I just thought : someone might enjoy the mixes I created too. Trying costs nothing so the very first Epic Music Mixes had been uploaded, in 480p since Youtube didn't support HD movies yet. The first two mixes have been reuploaded a few months later in HD quality, together with other background-images behind them. The fans of the first hour may remember the actual wallpapers of Epic Music Mix I and II.

(original) Epic Music Mix II - Soundtracks

 The first mixes had been seen around 1.500 times before the reupload. A huge amount for my very unknown little youtube channel within 5-6 weeks...

and the very first fans started asking for more.....

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