My bet with epicness

Some of you may know that I'm a huge fan of the Transformers Score composed by Steve Jablonsky.
It even made it's way to the Song of the Year 2010.

For more then a year now, the Transformers Score(s) didn't vanish from my all time play-list. Never before did a whole soundtrack delight me in such a way. Of course there are other awesome and amazing songs out there in the world, but so many awesome tracks within a single score is quite a rare thing. (I know this may be my completely own personal opinion right now)

Now on the bet with epicness. The Transformers 3 score is near it's release.

If the score is able to embody such epicness for a third time in a row, I will feature an entire Epic Music Mix to Steve Jablonsky 
just to show him my adoration and greatest honor for walking in the nearly unreachable footsteps of Hans Zimmer.

Now a quest for you ^^ Maybe I don't know about all the scores composed by this man so name me your favorite score by Steve Jablonsky if one comes to your mind.


  1. You are totally right about Transformers 1/2/3 scores, they are amazing. I searched the web for music from trailer to Dark of the Moon (Paul Jebanasam - Prelude) but can't find choir version of it. If you have a clue to this choir version please let me know)

  2. omg even Megatron is reading my blog. I'm honored.
    Regarding any T3 music, I'm totally occupied hunting for every score from the movie itself. as always there are so many unreleased tracks =(

    from what I know the choir version of Prelude is not released (yet?)

  3. I wrote to Pusher music crying for help with choir version of Prelude. They answered as always they don't sell their music to general public.
    I hope someone will upload it in future.

  4. Your Highness has a awesome OST by SJ but I also love the Transformers movies Ost's. He's just an all round awesome composer ;P