Ghosts of the Past

It's been a long time since my last post here. So let me just remind this blog of all the important things happening in the past few weeks.

The Epic Music Mix XV - Game Music III finally revealed itself to the public and I never experienced such an amazing start for a fresh mix. Right now the mix already got more then 15.000 views together with 500 comments and 99% positive votes. All this in just one month.

So far I haven't decided what the next mix is going to be. Soundtracks II, Immediate Music II, Two Steps From Hell II? or something completely different? I'll get back to this topic later.

The music by Jon Bourne was introduced and got a lot of feedback from all of you, thanks for your support on this new talented composers.

Also Brickwall Audio made another appearance on my channel with Hyperepic.

For those of you who are interested in the making of the music of Brickwall Audio / trailer music in general, stay tuned since I will conduct an interview with Erik Ekholm the man behind Brickwall Audio.

TacticProductionz is the last to show up in this post. He made a fantastic job, editing an epic movie behind the songs by Two Steps From Hell in this short mix of mine. Definitely check out his channel for more intense video-dedication.
The two songs mixed together in this short film are "The Truth Unravels" and "The Truth Unravels II" by Two Steps From Hell. For more information about the scenes used, ask TacticProductionz.

The next thing to come will be a cooperation between Gregory Bakay and DragonstarDT, featuring a mix of atmospheric movie scores, for every mood and situation possible.

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